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VMUGBE Usercon2022
Welcome to our very first VMUGBE UserCon on the 9th of June! We've got a very exciting day planned for you with tons of great sessions!
About VMUGBE UserCon 2022
New Technologies

We're branching out! vSphere is near and dear to our heart but VMware has much more to offer. Discover what at the UserCon!


During this one-day event you will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of VMware users. Networking and connecting with other people is a core goal of our event.


We have a variety of session topics. Virtual networking, modern applications, community, cloud management,... We've got something for everyone's interest!

The Belgian VMUG is the event of the year to network with your peers and to learn all about the latest VMware technologies!

VMUGBE UserCon 2022 Speakers
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Principal Systems Engineer, Office of the CTO
Chief Technologist Cloud Infrastructure
Freelance Infrastructure Consultant
Lead Developer PowerCLI
Lead Consultant End User Computing BE
Customer Cloud Success Architect
Staff Technical Marketing Architect
Lead Consultant Automation & Multi-Cloud
Managing Partner
Senior EUC Solution Engineer
Senior Technical Specialist
Business Solutions Strategy
VMware Professional Services Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant @comdivision | Founder @vConsultants
Technologist Multi-cloud platform
Chief Technologist Cloud Infrastructure
Director and Chief Technologist
Solutions Manager Server & Storage
Partner @comdivision | CEO @Workspace-Consulting
Senior Consultant
Staff Engineer
Lead Solution Engineer VMware Tanzu
VMUGBE UserCon 2022 Schedule
There's a lot of great sessions at our UserCon! Check out our different tracks!

Over the past years everyone has been talking about cloud-native apps and the digital enterprise. Data is at the heart of every business transformation. However, analyzing, or moving, large data sets is not an easy task for the average infrastructure. This is where the ever-evolving software defined datacenter comes into play. In this roadshow Cormac, Duncan, and Frank are going to discuss current functionality and various future features and products which will enable you to create a solution in the future which can cater to the needs of the business!

"In this session, I'd like to highlight the cloud operational model. Technology is great and it does the trick in most cases. However when you truly like to embrace cloud your need to make a operational shift in how you look at an organisation. Which teams do you need and how can they work together in this ""new"" or transitioning setup.

During this session, i'd like to highlight where Finops is playing a role in this setup. As the financial operational model is not as boring as it might sound... It is actually an enabler for businesses to go faster, be more innovative and deliver the business initiatives faster..."

End of Support for vRealize Automation 7.6 is there kicking the door for September/22. If you are running vRA 7.6 and there is no migration planned yet, this is THE RIGHT SESSION for you. I will quickly guide through some strategies that we ITQ & VMware Professional Services (PSO) uses to approach our customers.
By end of session you should be able to create a similar strategy and start your transition.

DevOps, GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous this and that - is it all just a bunch of buzzwords?! Is it just a way to keep the full stack developers of this world happy or are there lessons that the infrastructure administrators among us can learn and put into practice? In this session I'll take a look at what DevOps is, where it came from and what the benefits are. You can learn how the practices can be applied to infrastructure management

With the latest releases of vSphere, we can enable Supervisor over vDS networking.
This session will cover the minimum you need to install vSphere with Tanzu. We will cover the prerequisites to have Supervisor. Then, we will go through the enablement workflow in the latest version of the vSphere.
Once the Supervisor is enabled, we will briefly talk about some nice features that can empower the Developers to create Namespaces and VMs with Kubernetes-like commands (kubectl).

PowerCLI is the most popular VMware admin tool, used by thousands of admins every day to automate different aspects of their VMware infrastructure. In addition to calling the cmdlets, which are included in the PowerCLI product modules, you can now use PowerCLI to make direct calls to VMware product APIs. In the latest PowerCLI versions, we developed a new, and more intuitive, approach to calling VMware REST APIs. We also built integration with the VMware REST API documentation, so that you can fetch PowerCLI samples directly from the API documentation portal. Join our session and see a demo of how you can easily automate workflows by using vSphere and NSX REST APIs with PowerShell.

"Multi-Cloud Architecture – field insights is a roundtable that brings up essential aspects of a multi-cloud project.
The Concept is that we show a high-level abstract of the essential building blocks of our multi-cloud offering and then have an open discussion on leading conversation topics.
The bottom line is that customers can learn from us and each other on the challenges, approaches, and methodologies to run a successful multi-cloud project."

How to setup the NSX ALB and do SSL offloading with Let's Encrypt certs

Join us as we discuss what information and analysis should be done prior to deploying HCX and what work needs to be done to prepare for HCX migrations. We will discuss what should be a part of your information gathering process and who should be participating in the planning process. We will also discuss what automation can be done with HCX to streamline migrations.

Google Cloud VMware Engine is one of the Multi-Cloud solutions within VMware's collaboration with the hyperscalers. What are the specific properties of this VMware Cloud solution from Google, and which unique use cases can you realize with it? Erik and Jose have a production worthy Google Cloud VMware Engine test environment and will take you on an interactive technology tour that covers the design and rollout of GCVE and integration with native Google Cloud Platform services.

Join us in the session where Stijn Stabel tells the story of how Carrefour migrated their entire estate to Google Cloud at a blistering pace.

In 2019 our company got hit by a global ransomware attack. What happened, how we recovered and some lessons learned

If you want to know how user experience can improve your companies security ? Then you must attend this interactive panel discussion were YOU can be part of the conversation.

Lately, I'm being challenged with increasing frequency on why we don't advise our customers to run Kubernetes on a vSAN stretched cluster, since that architecture has been the standard for many years, where most customers in EMEA rely on two physical datacenter locations that are relatively closeby. We will go over the reasons why this is an anti-pattern in a cloud native platform like Kubernetes, and how you could better design when dealing with two failure domains.

Nowadays technology is a crucial component in most business processes. Latest technologies boost the collection & analysis of vast amounts of data that drive the next level of process improvements. The value of the IT department continues to grow as they operate the application landscape and implement/integrate new technologies. The role of IT as driver to unlock more business value is not to be understated.
In this session we’ll have a look at how VMware is helping clients to understand where VMware technology can unleash more business value. We’ll talk about techniques how to do this, run one of these techniques at the whiteboard and walk through some real-life examples.

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